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28 March 2010 @ 09:58 pm
challenge 08 - favourite season  

This weeks challenge is centered around your favourite season of 24. This was mostly inspired by the crappy/probably-for-the-best news that 24 has indeed been cancelled by FOX my hate knows no bounds for this network meaning the 8th season will indeed be the last :( So to celebrate the 8 wonderful years that we were given, you can make up to 4 icons of your favourite season of the show, you must state which season your icons are from when you submit them to this post. The only season that I will not allow to be iconed is season 8. I repeat YOU CAN NOT ICON SEASON 8. So if you do, and you submit them, I'm afraid they won't be counted.

ENTRIES: 08/03

- Maximum of 4 icons per person
--Make sure it fits LJ standards (no more than 100x100, less than 40kb)
--Do not post your icons anywhere until the challenge is over
--Use provided images or FIND YOUR OWN.
--textures, text, blending, etc. are all encouraged
--You may use the same pic more than once as long as it's noticeably different (meaning cropped AND colored differently, etc. But not the very same icon simply black and white--or the very same icon with slightly different coloring.)
--No animation
--Special category MOST CREATIVE.
--Deadline for icon submission: Sunday, April 11th at 8pm GMT
--Submit your icons to this post with the html and URL
-- Screencaps and other various picture sites can be found here

Season 1:
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s1-11-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s12-41-1.jpg
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s10-16-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s19-16-1.jpg

Season 2:
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s2/s1-17-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s2/s5-07-1.jpg
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s2/s19-01-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s2/s17-65-1.jpg

Season 3:
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s3/s01-5-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s3/s05-16-1.jpg
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s3/s10-14-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s3/s17-18-1.jpg

Season 4:
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s4/s3-07-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s4/s6-19-1.jpg
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s4/s14-26-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s4/s21-39-1.jpg

Season 5:
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s5/s4x17-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s5/s10x16-1.jpg
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s5/s22x48-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s5/s24x29-1.jpg

Season 6:
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s6/s4-52-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s6/s13-48-1.jpg
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s6/s19-51-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s6/s24-92-1.jpg

Season 7:
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s7/01_04-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s7/11_02-1.jpg
http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s7/19_02-1.jpg http://www.24tv.de/photos/screencaps/s7/24_46-1.jpg