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30 April 2010 @ 01:35 am
abusing modly powers  
Hey guys, I know I've been a totally sucky mod of late, what with the lack of challenges, but real life is very very hectic at the moment, what with having 3 papers due in the next two weeks and finals soon after that.
I'm going to put the community on hiatus for the next 3 weeks, and will return hopefully refreshed and rejuvinated.
Until then, enjoy the last episodes of '24', or if you're not following until the dvd release, enjoy some well deserved relaxation time, and maybe fine tune those iconing skills. Whatever you do, I hope you have fun, and see you in 3 weeks!

Before I go, I wanted to leave you with an awesome new community that's been started:
A new land comm that's been created for WB shows, wb_land , and we'd love to see more WB fans aboard our merry ship. The teams are: Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, Charmed, and the best one of all: