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15 February 2010 @ 08:54 pm
Special Header Challenge + Reminder Banner Challenge  
Hello everyone, hope you've all had a fun-filled (and love-filled) weekend!
It's time for a new SPECIAL CHALLENGE! (Yep, I can see all your excited faces.)
This SPECIAL CHALLENGE is to make a new header for our community, that is twenty4ic.
You can use any number of pictures from any seasons (bar season 8 please, don't want to spoil anyone!)
Part of this SPECIAL CHALLENGE (lol! It's just so fun to type in capitals :P) is also to design a new CHALLENGE REMINDER banner for the community, which will be used every time I post a reminder for the current challenge.
If this challenge is successful, then I may do another one for a new profile layout banner, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
Just to remind you also that CHALLENGE 03 has been extended and we could still do with a good few more entries, please and thank you!

-- You can make both a community header and/or a challenge reminder banner. By no means do you need to make both, or if you really are feeling creative, feel free to make a matching set!
-- Maximum of 2 community headers and 3 challenge reminder banners per person (thats a total max of 5 pieces).
-- The community header must fit to the standards of being 760px in width, and a maximum of 500px in height (the width is fixed, the height it open to you, but no more than 500px!!)
-- The challenge reminders must be no more than 400px in width and no more than 300px in height.
-- You may use any pictures/screencaps/photoshoots/episode stills, EXCEPT SEASON 8!
-- textures, brushes, blending, etc. are all encouraged.
-- Required text for community header: TWENTY4IC - A (weekly) TWENTY FOUR (or 24) ICONTEST (livejournal) COMMUNITY. (words in brackets are optional.)
-- Required text for challenge reminder: TWENTY4IC and CHALLENGE REMINDER.
-- Deadline is one month from today, 15th APRIL, 11:59 GMT
-- Submit your entries to this post with both the html and URL.

Let's have some fun guys!!! :D
Remember a list of sources for pictures can be found here