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Hello and Welcome to the Weekly 24 Icon Test

Anyone is welcome to come and join in, as long as you're a member, I hope to have varied challenges so no one gets bored!

1.) No animated icons
2.) You may enter up to THREE icons in each challenge unless otherwise stated
3.) Use only the caps provided unless otherwise stated in the post
4.) Brushes, Blending, Textures and Text are all encouraged, unless otherwise stated
5.) You may use caps more than once
6.) Icons must be 100x100 pixels or smaller and conform to all Livejournal standards
7.) DO NOT take any contest icons without the creator's permission
8.) No hotlinking
9.) You cannot submit icons used in other/previous challenges
10.) DO NOT post your entries on any other website until the winners are announced
Please Note: moderators may enter challenges and vote as well.
If you have any questions, feel free to PM either zarajade123 (Moderator) or sleifa (Co-Mod)


* Challenges will be posted every week on Sundays.
* 2 reminders will be posted on Thursday and Saturday.
* Challenges will close at 11.59pm GMT every Sunday.
* Voting and winners will be posted in the next week.
* Winners banners will also be provided for each challenge.

If you want to pimp out this ace community to any of your communities/journals, feel free to use the code provided below.

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